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Theatrical Trailer

Here’s the new theatrical trailer that starts running this coming Friday.

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Humbled and thrilled

I am humbled and thrilled by the response to the launch of the website. We have not formally announced (that’s coming next week) and we’re already being blogged about. You have to love the power of the web. And the passion of craft beer drinkers. What’s most exciting is the enthusiasm coming through emails and tweets of people offering to spread the word. So please, if you watch the trailer and know people who may be interested in the film and the event, get the word out.



I am so tired because I have been working 24/7 on the big launch. I have to say that while I am exhausted, I am also so excited that all this hard work is finally going live. While making this film, my focus has been on sharing this story. So here we go.

I’ve been planning for tomorrow for the past three years and all I can say is: It’s HERE!

Watch this space for more blog posts but in the meantime, watch the trailer and tell me what you think…

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Oenophiles have SIDEWAYS and BOTTLE SHOCK; now their beer-loving counterparts can claim a film as their own.
- Rotten Tomatoes
A David and Goliath story pitting the country's smallest brewers against the largest.
Beer Wars: Brewed in America, is an eye-opening, funny and righteously infuriating documentary by first-time filmmaker Anat Baron. Her film (think of it as Suds: A Love Story) is also a pretty damning indictment of not just the beer industry but contemporary unfettered unregulated capitalism's disturbing excesses.
- Box Office Magazine
In Beer Wars, entrepreneurialism and opportunity go awry when tainted by greed and a thirst for power.
- Los Angeles Times
Beer Wars certainly raises some interesting questions, the most potent of which is, is this what capitalism is meant to be?
- New Times
For those who are keeping the American dream alive, this spirited documentary raises a toast.
- St Louis Post-Dispatch
A trenchant analysis unapologetic in its rebuke of Big Beer, Beer Wars is heartily recommended for patrons already inclined to opt for the local brew at every tap. It will also appeal to patrons interested in craft foods as well as homebrewed beer and wine and others particular about quality.
- Library Journal